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Inet SV720 USB Hub+2 charging ports




Your versatile assistant
LOFTEK® Inet SV720 is a multi-functional 7-port USB3.0 hub with high-grade chip and 2 charging ports.

Keep things in order
Its compact and elegant design can not only make your workplace back in order, but also improve your work efficiency.

Save your time
With the high-speed USB 3.0 technology which data transfer rates up to 5Gbps, the Inet SV720 can save your transmission time effectively.

Protect your property
Using high-grade chip and durable adaptor, the Inet SV720 can protect the connecting devices from sudden electric fluctuation, which can prolong the service life of your cherished devices. 


      • Super high-speed USB3.0 which transmission specification up to 5 Gbps with backward compatibility                 for USB2.0 & USB 1.1.
Slim, slight, powerful and convenient. Support hot-plugging devices and Rapid expansion of seven                   USB3.0 high-speed connector.
      • Seven-port USB interface with hot-swapping, support plug&play, easy to use.
      • Protect the connected devices and hub from sudden overload voltage and electric current                              fluctuation.
      • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & USB-support MAC without drive.

Additional Notes

      • It support Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Mac OS X Lion 10.8.2 or above. Linux 3.0 or above.
      • It support USB 3.0 and backward compatibility for USB2.0 & USB 1.1.
      • MIDI devices will not work with the hub.
      • Not compatible with SuperDrive and WD passport hard disk.             
      • 2.4Ghz wireless devices may not work around USB 3.0 port.
      • It can not work without adaptor.




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