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30Watts RGB LED FloodLight



This outdoor security light is fully waterproof and uses AC85v-265v. It is very energy efficient, has a very long life and does not produce very much heat. Light output colors comes in 4 main RGB colors(Red, Green, Blue and White).Total 16 different color tones.
It is your energy saving and healthy choice. Suitable for different applications such as sign illumination, for up-lighting, to light pathways, to accent trees, lawns and landscaped areas, signs/billboards, building interiors/exteriors, and large objects such as building murals, statues, aquarium reef coral tanks and American flags.
•  Designed as a replacement of traditional High output floodlight.
•  30W LED has about half the lumen output of a 500 Watt halogen bulb.
•  Eco-friendly - NO UV, IR, lead, mercury, air pollution or other deleterious radiation.
•  Comparing with traditional HPS or Mercury flood lights, our LED flood lights save 50% - 70% electricity cost.
•  Comparing with halogen lamps, it saves over 80% electricity cost.



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